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  • Calisthenics greenwood method motion nutrition

    My first Calisthenics workout!

    Pike handstands, ring muscle ups, flagpoles, front levers, back levers: if any of these words excite you, you are probably already familiar with calisthenics. Cofounder Joe tried some of these out for the first time today – here’s how it went. When I was a kid, I played tennis, rugby, and swam a couple times …

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  • kemo mariott holistic motions outdoor workouts motion nutrition

    Outdoor Workouts Video: #GetInMotion outside this summer

    Outdoor workouts are a great way to stay on top of your fitness goals while soaking up some vitamin D. With the warmer days now upon us, we’ve asked Kemo Mariott to share with us a few of his favourite moves. Kemo runs Holistic Motions, a personal training studio in Mayfair, where he focuses on …

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    Fitness Inspiration: Workout Ideas from Founders Charlie and Joe

    As founders of Motion Nutrition, we take our fitness seriously. We love a good workout, and we love keeping fit. Wait, let’s rephrase that. We take our fitness seriously, and we love getting fitter. To say we’ve been busy since launching Motion Nutrition in the New Year would be an understatement. We’ve heard it all though: “too busy with …

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