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    Our first Plant Based Protein Powder: Organic Roasted Peanut

    It’s taken us over a year. We’ve finally developed a plant based protein powder we love. It’s not been easy, and there’s a reason for that: vegan protein powders taste gross – gritty, earthy or overly sweetened with stevia or artificial sweeteners. That is, until now of course. Discover Motion Nutrition’s Organic Peanut Butter Vegan Protein: a blend …

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    No Vegan Protein, Motion Nutrition!?

    Motion Nutrition launched in January 2016 with a range of seven organic sports nutrition powders and a range of Enhanced Motion encapsulated supplements. We were doing pretty good, for a new kid. At least that’s what we thought. No vegan protein!? From our very first product reveal, from our first client outreach, we knew something was …

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    Is Whey Protein Dead? Debunking 3 myths about whey

    Is Whey Protein Dead? Whey Protein has been a cornerstone of sports nutrition for decades. Long before sports supplements were on the shelf of every health food store, body builders were churning it down. But today, whey isn’t always a hot topic for health-focused athletes and weekend-warriors. Why has Whey Protein got such a bad …

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