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  • recovery shake vs protein shake

    When to choose a recovery shake over a protein shake?

    It’s a question we are frequently asked. When is a protein shake enough? When do you need the extra carbs? What else are you getting from a recovery shake? Well, first things first. Just like with protein shakes, not all recovery shakes are created equal. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a recovery …

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  • breakfast smoothie

    The Ultimate Power Breakfast Smoothie

    See, running an organic sports nutrition company means we spend a lot of our time trying out new ways of using our products so we can share the best with you. And since we’re not ones to skip breakfast, we make a smoothie every morning when we get to the office – and we’ve become …

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  • Motion Nutrition bridging peak fitness with long term health

    How to reach peak fitness without harming long term health

    Long term health and peak fitness: incompatible? For a long time and until recently, this may have been considered true. With little variety in the sports supplements sector, it was difficult to see past synthetic ingredients and nutrient-void maltodextrin. But today things are changing and everyone stands to benefit, from the Sunday jogger to the …

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  • workout

    Organic Pre Workout: Game Changer

    We’ve just turned one month old! And we are SO excited about the months to come. Where will we be in one year? Five years? Who knows, but our early adopters, followers and believers (that’s YOU!) will certainly have played a huge part in our story. There are a few things one can plan when …

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