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    Can you overdose on supplements? A holistic approach to supplementation.

    What are supplements good for, if not to supplement a balanced and healthy diet? A recent BBC documentary has highlighted the dangers posed by over-consumption of protein powder. So as human beings in search for optimal health, we ask ourselves: how much is too much? Just like with anything, there are extremes. So when do …

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    No Vegan Protein, Motion Nutrition!?

    Motion Nutrition launched in January 2016 with a range of seven organic sports nutrition powders and a range of Enhanced Motion encapsulated supplements. We were doing pretty good, for a new kid. At least that’s what we thought. No vegan protein!? From our very first product reveal, from our first client outreach, we knew something was …

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  • vegan vs whey protein motion nutrition

    Is Whey Protein Dead? Debunking 3 myths about whey

    Is Whey Protein Dead? Whey Protein has been a cornerstone of sports nutrition for decades. Long before sports supplements were on the shelf of every health food store, body builders were churning it down. But today, whey isn’t always a hot topic for health-focused athletes and weekend-warriors. Why has Whey Protein got such a bad …

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  • recovery shake vs protein shake

    When to choose a recovery shake over a protein shake?

    It’s a question we are frequently asked. When is a protein shake enough? When do you need the extra carbs? What else are you getting from a recovery shake? Well, first things first. Just like with protein shakes, not all recovery shakes are created equal. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a recovery …

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  • breakfast smoothie

    The Ultimate Power Breakfast Smoothie

    See, running an organic sports nutrition company means we spend a lot of our time trying out new ways of using our products so we can share the best with you. And since we’re not ones to skip breakfast, we make a smoothie every morning when we get to the office – and we’ve become …

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  • protein brownies

    Delicious Protein Brownies Recipe: here’s how

    So you want to up your protein, but you prefer to eat it rather than drink a shake. Or maybe you’re trying to avoid the vending machine at work and are looking for a healthier, tastier snack. Or… maybe you just came here for the brownies. Look no further! Our super fit friend Hannah shares with …

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  • TRANSITION Henley Triathlon

    Triathlon Race: My First One Ever!

    Motion Nutrition CoFounder Charlie recently took part in his first ever Triathlon. Here’s his take on how the day went.With Henley Sprint Triathlon completed on Sunday the 5th of June, I have had some time to look back and reflect on the day’s events. This was my first ever triathlon, and I can safely say it was …

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  • GB Athlete Amber Maslen shares protein pancake recipes

    Protein packed rest day brunch recipe – by Amber Maslen

    Some of my favourite foods to get protein from are things like salmon, eggs, chicken, beef, cheese, yoghurt and nuts. I love fresh whole foods, and I love cooking. I focus particularly on protein, because kayak slalom is a high-impact, and sometimes very cold sport. Both of these things put my body under a lot …

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