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  • Stay Fit and Happy during Winter

    4 Things To Do To Stay Fit (and Motivated) In Winter

    It’s getting cold and it’s getting dark. We’ve had it pretty easy so far with a mild autumn. But the clocks are now set: we must brace for winter. It is so much more of a challenge to get out of bed in the morning when your room feels like an icebox and your duvet …

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  • grass

    Are Organic Supplements Better for You?

    Is Organic better? This is a long-lasting debate. And the way we see it, there will always be room for debate on this issue, only because the question is a little simplistic. Is organic maltodextrin any better than conventional maltodextrin? Both are highly refined carbohydrates with little nutritional value to offer, so in this particular case we’d …

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  • question mark

    No Vegan Protein, Motion Nutrition!?

    Motion Nutrition launched in January 2016 with a range of seven organic sports nutrition powders and a range of Enhanced Motion encapsulated supplements. We were doing pretty good, for a new kid. At least that’s what we thought. No vegan protein!? From our very first product reveal, from our first client outreach, we knew something was …

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  • tomato and fat

    Should you eat fat with your salad?

    Eating your greens is good. But actually digesting your greens and unlocking their phytonutrients: that’s much better. Well if you want to do that, you’d better lay off the low-fat salad dressing. Stick to the real, full fat deal. Unlock phytonutrients with fat Carotenoids are plant nutrients (AKA phytonutrients) you can find in a wide variety …

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  • Boost brain power with exercise

    Boosting Brain Power with Exercise

    Kemo Marriott, Founder of Brotherhood Training Club, shares his knowledge in boosting brain power through increased movement. When you’re solving difficult problems, attending meetings and socializing with friends, acquaintances and business interests, it’s important for you to be firing on all cylinders. Mentally of course. Yes, continually stimulating your grey matter is incredibly important to ensure optimum brain …

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  • just josi lifestyle change

    Lifestyle Change: 3 easy steps to improving our wellness with Josi

    Super foodie Josi Trotter, voted Best Healthy Eating Blogger in our Health & Fitness Influencer Awards, shares easy-to-follow tips to achieve a healthy lifestyle change. By now, we’ve all heard people say “It’s not a diet… it’s a lifestyle change”, or “make small changes”, but what does this mean? For a newbie, it can be really hard to know. …

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  • what is the ab crack

    Ab crack, thigh gap & bubble butt?

    Strong is the new skinny. Fit is the new thin. The ab crack has replaced the size zero on wish lists. Generally speaking, this is probably a good thing for our health: the post-modern beauty is likely to be in better physical condition than the 90s heroin chick. Or have we just moved the goal …

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  • vegan vs whey protein motion nutrition

    Is Whey Protein Dead? Debunking 3 myths about whey

    Is Whey Protein Dead? Whey Protein has been a cornerstone of sports nutrition for decades. Long before sports supplements were on the shelf of every health food store, body builders were churning it down. But today, whey isn’t always a hot topic for health-focused athletes and weekend-warriors. Why has Whey Protein got such a bad …

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  • recovery shake vs protein shake

    When to choose a recovery shake over a protein shake?

    It’s a question we are frequently asked. When is a protein shake enough? When do you need the extra carbs? What else are you getting from a recovery shake? Well, first things first. Just like with protein shakes, not all recovery shakes are created equal. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a recovery …

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  • what is cla

    Conjugated Linoleic Acid: What is CLA?

    Short for Conjugated Linoleic Acid, CLA is a common supplement to aid weight loss. But what is it? And how does Motion Nutrition’s Slimline CLA differ from conventional supplements? The good fat you’re probably not getting What is CLA? CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is essentially a type of polyunsaturated, omega-6 fatty acid. In other words, …

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  • Will fruit make me fat?

    Will fruit make me fat?

    Fruit: it’s high in sugar, right? So it’s got to be bad for me, right? We regularly hear self-proclaimed fitness professionals encourage their clients to eat less fruit as it is carb-heavy, and often contains high levels of (naturally occurring) sugars. Here at Motion Nutrition, we struggle to get along with this type of attitude. …

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  • what to eat pre workout Motion Nutrition

    Pre workout snacks: 3 mistakes to avoid

    Motion Nutrition cofounder Joe was a competitive swimmer for most of his life, training up to 25 hours a week at his peak. One thing he is oddly proud of is never throwing up during a hard set – and yes, this is a common occurrence. Acid reflux can happen during or after strenuous exercise, and it …

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