Slimline CLA

Slimline CLA supports your weight care goals by harnessing the natural powers of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Wild Harvested Kelp, Green Tea and Black Pepper. Your secret weapon to a slim line and healthy body weight.


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Natural metabolic boosters

Kickstart your metabolism and keep excess body fat in check with our natural weight loss supplement. Each capsule contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), combined with carefully harvested natural and complementary ingredients, for a complete support to your weight care goals.


Naturally occurring metabolic booster

Green Tea

95% Polyphenol extract for best results

Wild Kelp

High in Iodine to complement CLA

Pure plant power

Slimline CLA combines the thermogenic and metabolic-boosting properties of 4 plant-based extracts. There are no unsafe stimulants and there is no caffeine in Slimline CLA. Suited for Vegans & Vegetarians. No gluten.

Organic Wild Harvested Kelp600mg
Green Tea Extract (95% Polyphenols + 70% Catechins)240mg
Black Pepper Extract (95% Piperine)40mg

100% Vegan

No Caffeine

Gluten Free

A supplement that works out

Metabolic Boosters

CLA and high catechin, high polyphenol Green Tea extract are combined in Slimline CLA to give your metabolism a supercharge. This means however you choose to work out, you can be sure your body reaps the benefits.

Raise the temperature

Black pepper extract is a natural thermogenic, raising your internal body temperature to burn more fuel. Combined with organic wild kelp extract and its complementary action, your body is switched on for longer.

Make the most of your training

Working out raises your metabolism, meaning you burn more fuel even hours after you’ve dropped the weights. Combine your workouts with a daily dose of Slimline CLA to get the best of both worlds and accelerate your results.

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