• Unplug: Night Time Supplement

  • Power Up: Day Time Nootropic

What are nootropics?

In a literal translation from Greek, nootropic means mind (noos) affecting (tropic). Natural nootropics are nutrients or foods that improve one or more aspects of brain function. Think of green tea that gives you that nice sense of higher energy and focus or chamomile that can gently calm you down. Nootropics are also the foods and nutrients that feed your brain, such as B vitamins that are essential nutrients for a healthy and youthful brain, and herbal extracts that can significantly improve your cognitive function and hack your brain’s capacity. Nootropic foods have everything you need in order to have a sharp and healthy brain.


Motion Nutrition sources the best nootropics for sleep and energy in the UK

While nootropics have varied functions, they can be divided into those that assist with productivity and mental focus as well as those that have more nerve-soothing properties and are excellent for enhancing stress recovery and the quality of sleep. We all need both in today’s frantic world. At Motion Nutrition, we searched for the best nootropics for energy, focus, relaxation and sleep, and combined them into complete supplements for day and night, Power Up and Unplug. Our nootropics make holistic blends of vitamins, minerals, herbs and food extracts that have proven benefits for increasing energy and concentration and improving recovery from stress.


Motion Nutrition’s nootropics are food-based.

All our formulas were developed by an expert in performance, anti-ageing and brain health and are based on the latest scientific research into nutrition. Unlike synthetic nootropic products, Motion Nutrition nootropics are a first of their kind, focusing both on mental well-being and on long-term brain health, with a list of ingredients specifically chosen for their neuroprotective capabilities. The products are formulated to promote immediate improvements in energy, focus and stress recovery as well as providing long-term benefits of enhanced health, vitality and youthfulness.


At Motion Nutrition, we believe in sustainable packaging and caring for the environment.

Both Power Up and Unplug are made of the highest quality ingredients that ensure maximum bio-availability of the nutrients provided. The blends follow our holistic approach to nutrition by combining vitamins, minerals, herbs and food extracts. The capsules are entirely vegan and manufactured in the UK, using the highest standards of quality. We try to use sustainable packaging as much as it is possible, and our nootropic jars are plastic-free.

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