The Brand

You know that great feeling when your body is energised and strong? Now add the peace of a calm and focused mind. Here is your foundation to enjoy life to the fullest.

At Motion, we create nutritious supplements to help your body and mind energise, flow and recharge in a completely natural and healthy way. From powered-up mornings to restful nights, it’s a lifelong journey. And we are on this journey with you.

The Story

We are founded by Joe and Charlie, a dynamic duo of life enthusiasts who enjoy an outdoor adventure as much as they cherish slower moments of restful peace.

Joe and Charlie first met in Stirling where they were both involved with professional sports. Joe was competing as part of the National Scottish Swimming team and Charlie was running his own sports management agency. They bonded over a shared love of sports, organic food, outdoors lifestyle and a good laugh. Both were interested in the growing area of sports supplements but they were struggling to find quality products that weren’t full of additives and unhealthy ingredients. Everyone was unhealthy and.. super serious.

At the core of Joe and Charlie’s approach was the conviction that active lifestyle and sports should not only be about short-term physical gains and aesthetic goals but most importantly focus on the long-term health and every-day enjoyment. Thriving, not striving – they thought it’s what it should be all about… And so Motion was born.


FSN Best Recovery Product
NHT Best Sports award

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