We are on a mission. We fuel lives in Motion.


We are in constant motion. The Earth is constantly spinning. Our bodies are always changing. And our thoughts never stop. We all lead active lifestyles. At both mental and physical levels.

Motion Nutrition is here to provide you with nutritional support all along your journey of an active and healthy life whether you are preparing your next workout or a busy work day.

We are more than a sports supplement brand. Motion is a new approach rooted in mental and emotional wellbeing: a stable foundation from which we can achieve anything we strive for.


The story of Motion


Joe and Charlie first met in Stirling where they were both involved with professional sports. Joe was competing as part of the National Scottish Swimming team and Charlie was running his own sports management agency. They bonded over a shared love of sports, organic food, outdoors lifestyle and entrepreneurship. Both were interested in the growing area of sports supplements but they were struggling to find quality products that weren’t full of additives and unhealthy ingredients.

At the core of Joe and Charlie’s approach was the conviction that active lifestyle and sports should not only be about short-term physical gains and aesthetic goals but most importantly focus on the long-term health. And that they should be built upon a stable foundation rooted in emotional and physical wellbeing. The foundation that allows us to achieve anything we strive for.

The opportunity was clear. It was time to create a brand that focussed only on producing the highest quality natural, organic supplements designed for the everyday athlete and adventurer. With the help of leading nutritional researchers and suppliers of the most nutrient rich, real-food ingredients, Joe and Charlie took things in their own hands. They put things in Motion.

And so Motion Nutrition was born.

Motion Team


Motion Nutrition operates out of Wandsworth in London. It’s driven by Joe, Charlie and Magdalena. Joe builds our sales, Charlie is head of operations, and Magdalena is in charge of business development. But really, this is a team effort led by an overarching ambition to create a hub for truly holistic health and wellbeing.

Nutrition Team: We work closely with leading researchers in nutritional therapy, brain health and anti ageing. Our innovative products were formulated by Miguel Toribio-Mateas, Clinical Neuroscientist and Registered Nutritionist mBANT.

Press Releases


LAUNCH: Nootropics for Brain Health

Neuro Motion: Should brain health become your absolute priority?

NEURO MOTION: Should brain health become your absolute priority?

Resource: Food-based nootropics that feed your brain

RESOURCE: Food-based nootropics that feed your brain







Motion Product Information


Our products are for everyone. We’ve developed a range of great-tasting protein shakes, powders and nootropics, all designed to enhance a healthy active lifestyle. These products reflect our no compromise approach to nutrition and are grounded in three fundamental principles:

  1. The Latest Scientific Research – We are crazy about nutritional science. By cooperating with the most respected scientists in the world, we use the latest evidence-based research in functional nutrition to create synergistic food combinations with maximum nutritional and therapeutic qualities.
  2. The Finest Ingredients – We love nature and we are committed to searching the world to bring you the best superfoods on the planet. We use the most ethically-sourced foods, biodynamic herbs, nutraceuticals, mushrooms and botanical extracts, with exceptionally high nutritional value. All our food products are organically certified by the Soil Association from crop to shake.
  3. The Highest Quality Manufacturing Processes – Our manufacturing facilities go beyond Good Manufacturing Practices. Our advanced freeze-drying, blending and encapsulation techniques enable us to provide supplements with the highest bioavailability for your performance and wellbeing.

2017 Product Range, excluding Nootropics

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