• Joe Welstead Commonwealth Games

    What swimming taught me about mental resilience

    As a child, there was nothing I wanted more than being in water. Not winning swimming competitions. Not collecting a nice cheque. To me, it was simply about how fast I could cut through water. I still recall the juvenile certitude that I felt when I arrived at the University of Stirling in 2009, eager …

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  • Best foods for sustained energy

    8 high-protein foods that give you all-day energy

    Pop quiz! It’s 4.30pm — your workday is winding down, and you’re counting the minutes to your evening workout. To bolster your flagging energy for bench presses and squat jumps to come, do you: a) eat a meal that has plenty of carbs or b) grab yourself a protein shake? Seems like an easy enough …

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  • The best time to drink your protein shake

    You probably heard that it’s best to have your protein shake right after exercising. The truth is, you can take your protein booster any time of the day. Your body is smart enough and will be able to stock up on protein in order to then use it when necessary. There are, however, different benefits …

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  • How not to harm your health when exercising

    Exercise is very good for you. We should all do it and we should do it regularly. We should aim to run faster, jump higher, get into that unendingly twisty yoga pose and as a result we will all live well fulfilled, happy lives until we are 100 years old. True? Well in part as …

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  • Every day performance nootropics

    How to prioritise health & wellbeing to reach peak performance

    What do you picture, when you think of performance? A sculpted athlete, who’s spent countless hours working on their body, ready to bolt out of the blocks? Perhaps. This is not what I see. I picture an emotionally balanced mind. Calm, quiet and focused. I see a beaming, smiling face, ready to enjoy their craft, …

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  • are you ready to get (back) into it? Follow these willpower 5 tips to endorphin nirvana.

    5 Tips to Get Back Into Your Fitness Routine

     I have no other way of saying this: Willpower is just not going to cut it. Ah, willpower. I feel for him. Over-used and overrated. Picture this. It’s snowing outside. I feel warm and cosy sitting on my sofa. I dream of swapping my leggings and chunky turtle neck for my PJs. But I also …

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  • sports nutrition improvement

    The Greatest Change in Sports Nutrition in Decades

    Joe Welstead, cofounder of Motion Nutrition, looks to the future of sports nutrition. Sports nutrition has evolved so much over the last decade. Just 4 years ago as an athlete preparing for Commonwealth Games, I found it incredibly frustrating that all supplements were full of cheap artificial ingredients. Clearly, these products were made with no …

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  • creatine brain performance

    Complete Guide to Boosting Brain Health with Creatine for Non-Meat Eaters

    Are you familiar with creatine? If you are, creatine probably conjures images of elite athletes gaining incremental performance advantage. And if that’s the case, you are right. Creatine is, as Performance Nutritionist Matt Gardner puts it, “recognised as the most effective nutritional supplement in enhancing lean body mass, strength and exercise tolerance.” But can creatine …

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  • Forget stereotypes: Whey is a Superfood

    We all know the benefits of whey for increasing your intake of high-quality protein, weight loss and muscle growth. But did you know that whey protein has tremendous nutritional and therapeutic effects? The stereotypical view of whey protein Let’s be honest. Whey protein doesn’t have the best reputation. Thinking of a protein shake, you see …

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  • january food venison

    Striving, not Dieting: What to Eat in January for Ultimate Health

    Image c/o Connor Mollison We won’t tell you to diet. We won’t make you feel guilty about certain foods. In fact, we won’t even ask whether you binged over the Christmas period. Because you know what? It’s irrelevant. Done and dusted. You and us, let’s focus on the present. Forget about restriction – how boring! Let’s …

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  • Christmas fitness gift

    6 Health and Fitness Christmas Gift Ideas

    Your brother. Daughter. Mother. Your workout partner? This Christmas, why not offer someone you love a dip into reaching optimal health? Hear us out. We’re not saying we’ve got a magic pill. But small incremental changes can make a big difference to someone’s life. Give a friend a taster for post-workout endorphins, and they could …

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  • christmas run

    Human Optimisation: How to Survive Christmas

    December is odd. In our Human Optimisation series, it didn’t seem to make much sense writing a post called “what to eat in December for Optimal Health.” It didn’t stick. Why? Because what we eat in December is mostly out of our control. Christmas parties at work, Christmas parties with friends, Christmas eve, Christmas lunch… …

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