• laughing affects how your brain works

    6 Ways Laughing Makes Your Brain Work Better

    A good belly laugh can reduce pain, soften depression, increase oxygen supply to the brain, and even positively influence our food choices. Let’s take a look.

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  • Eat carbs for dinner to improve sleep and mental clarity

    Food is absolutely fantastic, it fuels our bodies, it feeds our souls, it is a way we express affection, yep it’s pretty damn cool that food. But when we dive in a little deeper things get even cooler….ready to go on a little journey into the world of sneaky nutrition? Good I thought so, let’s …

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  • Every day performance nootropics

    How to prioritise health & wellbeing to reach peak performance

    What do you picture, when you think of performance? A sculpted athlete, who’s spent countless hours working on their body, ready to bolt out of the blocks? Perhaps. This is not what I see. I picture an emotionally balanced mind. Calm, quiet and focused. I see a beaming, smiling face, ready to enjoy their craft, …

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  • 7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Sleep Quality Tonight

    Ah sleep, what a flighty mistress you are….There is nothing better than that moment you fall into bed, your head hits the pillow and you are whisked away into a perfectly serene slumber. Truly and utterly divine. But hold on a moment. How often does that happen? Dysfunctional sleep patterns are possibly the most common …

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  • how to stop stress keeping you up at night: Natural nootropics with anti-stress and anti-insomnia properties

    We live in a culture of stress. Our lifestyles lead to a stress epidemic, where the plug is constantly plugged in and we forget to press the off button. Be it pressure at work, personal or financial issues. All of us experience some sort of stress. It doesn’t only affect our daily performance, but also …

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  • Nootropics: smart drugs or natural brain-boosting herbs

    Are Nootropics HEALTHY? A beginner’s guide to smart drugs

    What comes to your mind when you hear the word nootropics? A desperate student popping a pill to pass tomorrow’s test? Or Bradley Cooper gaining superhuman capabilities thanks to a smart drug in the movie Limitless? Are nootropics healthy or unsafe drugs? Let’s face it. There is a lot of misconception about what a nootropic is. …

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  • wild salmon nootropics brain food

    What to eat in June: 5 foods to make the most of your nootropics.

    Over the past two months, so many of you have discovered the benefits of our nootropics, Power Up and Unplug. We are getting the most incredible feedback on both. Users are feeling more alert, getting more done in the day – then finally getting some deep restorative sleep through the night. This is great news. …

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  • Nutrition for Unplugging

    Me and You, we all live in Motion. We jump when we are happy. We run to work every morning. And we have endless thoughts. We are all living active lifestyles. And taking care of ourselves in this busyness should be our utmost priority. Today we are excited to launch our brand-new Life in Motion interview series and begin by looking …

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  • sports nutrition improvement

    The Greatest Change in Sports Nutrition in Decades

    Joe Welstead, cofounder of Motion Nutrition, looks to the future of sports nutrition. Sports nutrition has evolved so much over the last decade. Just 4 years ago as an athlete preparing for Commonwealth Games, I found it incredibly frustrating that all supplements were full of cheap artificial ingredients. Clearly, these products were made with no …

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  • balance your hormones with motion nutrition

    The ultimate guide to your hormonal balance for men and women

    Hormones are a mystery. We never see them. Yet, we feel their effects every single day. This is especially true for women who often experience various symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Think of mood swings, PMS, acne, low energy and adrenal fatigue. Men, however, also go through hormonal cycles. And they increasingly suffer from a number …

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  • Stina quagebeur ballet dancer

    Q&A with Stina Quagebeur, English National Ballet Dancer & Choreographer

    Belgian born Stina Quagebeur is an artist and choreographer with the English National Ballet. Performing up to 12 times per week, we asked Stina a few questions about her training, her nutritional habits and what led her to become one of our very first clients after our 2016 launch. Stina, you’ve been ballet dancing and choreographing …

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  • wild mushroom and chestnut soup

    Human Optimisation: What to Eat in October for Optimal Health

    Welcome to the second episode in our monthly seasonal food picks. At Motion Nutrition, we believe in utilising fresh, local and organic produce, combined with functional supplements to reach optimal health. As a useful tool toward this, we share with you our picks of some of the most nutrient dense foods you’ll be able to …

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