• summer health snacks healthy protein ice cream recipe

    Summer Health Snacks: Guilt Free Protein Ice Cream recipe by Amber Maslen

    Hello there, summer health snacks! Without wanting to jeopardise the situation, it’s actually starting to get vaguely warm in Scotland. Hot drinks are making way for their iced and syrup counterparts. In town I actually saw someone with an ice cream who didn’t look hypothermic. Scottish summer is attempting to break through with a muggy, slightly …

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  • Motion Nutrition bridging peak fitness with long term health

    How to reach peak fitness without harming long term health

    Long term health and peak fitness: incompatible? For a long time and until recently, this may have been considered true. With little variety in the sports supplements sector, it was difficult to see past synthetic ingredients and nutrient-void maltodextrin. But today things are changing and everyone stands to benefit, from the Sunday jogger to the …

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  • healthy nutrition plan

    Nutrition Plan: Tips & Protein Waffles Recipe by Amber Maslen

    Protein shakes can taste good, but I enjoy these supplements best disguised into yummy foods that fit into a healthy nutrition plan. Motion Nutrition’s Coconut Whey Protein powder is probably one of the best supplements I’ve used for flavour. Because of the totally natural ingredients, it doesn’t have a chemical tang like a lot of …

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  • GB Athlete Amber Maslen shares protein pancake recipes

    Protein packed rest day brunch recipe – by Amber Maslen

    Some of my favourite foods to get protein from are things like salmon, eggs, chicken, beef, cheese, yoghurt and nuts. I love fresh whole foods, and I love cooking. I focus particularly on protein, because kayak slalom is a high-impact, and sometimes very cold sport. Both of these things put my body under a lot …

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  • triathlon training beginner's guide

    Training for a triathlon – 7 weeks to go

    I started my training mid way through January. At the time, I was in no way training for a triathlon – in fact entering a triathlon hadn’t even crossed my mind. Starting an Organic Sports Nutrition company was the catalyst to cleaning up my diet and getting myself fit, which is something I haven’t been …

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  • Motion Nutrition at Be:Fit London

    Be:Fit London fitness festival ticket giveaway

    Do you Be:Fit? We are super excited to be exhibiting for the first time this year at London’s hottest fitness festival, Be:Fit London, April 29th to May 1st. Cofounders Charlie and Joe, donned in their finest yoga pants, will be welcoming visitors at stand H2 with some Be:Fit exclusive offers. Come join us along with …

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  • triathlon equipment

    Triathlon: A Beginner’s Guide to Taking the Plunge

    Impulse decisions. They can go one of two ways: absolute disaster, or the possibility of having a big smile safe in the knowledge that your instincts were right. As of yet I don’t know how my snap decision to book two (TWO!) triathlons is going to pan out. Upon reflection, it may have been worth …

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  • fitness swimming workout

    Fitness Inspiration: Workout Ideas from Founders Charlie and Joe

    As founders of Motion Nutrition, we take our fitness seriously. We love a good workout, and we love keeping fit. Wait, let’s rephrase that. We take our fitness seriously, and we love getting fitter. To say we’ve been busy since launching Motion Nutrition in the New Year would be an understatement. We’ve heard it all though: “too busy with …

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  • Whey Protein: The Choice Is Yours

    Whey Protein: the choice is yours If we were to pick one supplement that has maintained its position as a staple of sports nutrition for decades, it would be whey protein. Long before it was available in supermarkets, bodybuilders were churning down shake after shake of the smooth stuff. Since then, training methods have evolved …

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  • Organic Pre Workout: Game Changer

    We’ve just turned one month old! And we are SO excited about the months to come. Where will we be in one year? Five years? Who knows, but our early adopters, followers and believers (that’s YOU!) will certainly have played a huge part in our story. There are a few things one can plan when …

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  • Meet The Founders

    Meet Charlie and Joe: together they head up Motion HQ in Greenwich, London. They’ve built a network of suppliers from around the world who provide us with the highest quality organic ingredients, which are blended in our pharmaceutical grade plant in England. They’ve worked hard with our nutritionist, who is a leading researcher in Functional …

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  • raw cacao protein supplements

    How to choose your supplements

    It can be really quite tricky to know what to look out for when buying sports supplements. Long lists of ingredients, often with trademarked names and lots of E-numbers, a plethora of similar supplements to choose from: it’s information overload. Where to start?

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