• balance your hormones with motion nutrition

    The ultimate guide to your hormonal balance for men and women

    Hormones are a mystery. We never see them. Yet, we feel their effects every single day. This is especially true for women who often experience various symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Think of mood swings, PMS, acne, low energy and adrenal fatigue. Men, however, also go through hormonal cycles. And they increasingly suffer from a number …

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  • creatine brain performance

    Complete Guide to Boosting Brain Health with Creatine for Non-Meat Eaters

    Are you familiar with creatine? If you are, creatine probably conjures images of elite athletes gaining incremental performance advantage. And if that’s the case, you are right. Creatine is, as Performance Nutritionist Matt Gardner puts it, “recognised as the most effective nutritional supplement in enhancing lean body mass, strength and exercise tolerance.” But can creatine …

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  • Forget stereotypes: Whey is a Superfood

    We all know the benefits of whey for increasing your intake of high-quality protein, weight loss and muscle growth. But did you know that whey protein has tremendous nutritional and therapeutic effects? The stereotypical view of whey protein Let’s be honest. Whey protein doesn’t have the best reputation. Thinking of a protein shake, you see …

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  • peanut mocha protein recipe

    Peanut Protein Mocha Frappe with Magic Peanut Sauce

    This Mocha Frappe recipe was created by Rachel Evans and originally posted on Nutri Ninja. Do you know what makes the difference between a homemade smoothie, and one you pay £7 for in a fancy cafe? Quite often, it comes down to a couple little twists. One is flavour balancing – this is pretty obvious. Two is texture. …

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  • january food venison

    Striving, not Dieting: What to Eat in January for Ultimate Health

    Image c/o Connor Mollison We won’t tell you to diet. We won’t make you feel guilty about certain foods. In fact, we won’t even ask whether you binged over the Christmas period. Because you know what? It’s irrelevant. Done and dusted. You and us, let’s focus on the present. Forget about restriction – how boring! Let’s …

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  • Christmas fitness gift

    6 Health and Fitness Christmas Gift Ideas

    Your brother. Daughter. Mother. Your workout partner? This Christmas, why not offer someone you love a dip into reaching optimal health? Hear us out. We’re not saying we’ve got a magic pill. But small incremental changes can make a big difference to someone’s life. Give a friend a taster for post-workout endorphins, and they could …

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  • christmas run

    Human Optimisation: How to Survive Christmas

    December is odd. In our Human Optimisation series, it didn’t seem to make much sense writing a post called “what to eat in December for Optimal Health.” It didn’t stick. Why? Because what we eat in December is mostly out of our control. Christmas parties at work, Christmas parties with friends, Christmas eve, Christmas lunch… …

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  • November ultimate health recipes

    Human Optimisation: What to Eat in November for Optimal Health

    Alright. It’s getting cold out. Time for some soul food. Gone with the ice cold morning smoothies, and in with the warming, spiced pumpkin flavours, rich soups and fatty broths. Eating for ultimate health in November isn’t just about fuelling exercise and work performance – we’re now dealing with cold weather and low sunlight exposure. …

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  • peanut protein bars

    Peanut & Pumpkin Protein Bars

    Snacks are nice. But are you ever tired of overly sweet snacks? Head to the vending machines, you’ll mainly have a choice between overly sweet, and overly salty. Cue tastebud frenzy, and chaos to the stomach. And whether they are sweetened with actual sugar or the latest zero-calorie sweetener is almost beside the point: neither …

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  • Ultimate protein pancakes

    The Ultimate Protein Pancakes Recipe (with carbs)

    So here’s a secret. We like carbs. We don’t think carbs should be demonised, as they so often are. And we certainly don’t agree with replacing carbs with zero-calorie sweeteners (which, BTW, is not authorised in an EU organic product). So our ultimate protein pancakes are not just protein. They’re a delicious blend of lusciously …

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  • Stina quagebeur ballet dancer

    Q&A with Stina Quagebeur, English National Ballet Dancer & Choreographer

    Belgian born Stina Quagebeur is an artist and choreographer with the English National Ballet. Performing up to 12 times per week, we asked Stina a few questions about her training, her nutritional habits and what led her to become one of our very first clients after our 2016 launch. Stina, you’ve been ballet dancing and choreographing …

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  • wild mushroom and chestnut soup

    Human Optimisation: What to Eat in October for Optimal Health

    Welcome to the second episode in our monthly seasonal food picks. At Motion Nutrition, we believe in utilising fresh, local and organic produce, combined with functional supplements to reach optimal health. As a useful tool toward this, we share with you our picks of some of the most nutrient dense foods you’ll be able to …

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