• Moving & Making with Henni Zuel

    Henni is a power woman, a golf player, a media tycoon and a pretty damn inspiring human being. She’s currently a producer and presenter at GOLF TV, being the only interviewer with exclusive access to Tiger Woods. Why golf? Golf is one of those games that you never quite master and it had me hooked from a young age. …

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  • How to Frame Your Mindset for Positive Outcomes

    Having a more fulfilled life is a choice and to a large extent a result of the way you think. Here is some advice that will put your life into motion by helping you to shift your mindset. For better outcomes and a wider good! KNOW YOUR WHY AND YOUR VALUES Knowing your why and …

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  • Moving & Making with Jack Atkinson

    Jack is a photographer who shares his life between spending time outdoors, travelling to far off places and bringing people around shared activity (while also being outdoors). He’s all about connecting people through sports and movement. What is it that you like about being outdoors so much? Being outdoors just makes me feel better in …

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  • laughing affects how your brain works

    6 Ways Laughing Makes Your Brain Work Better

    A good belly laugh can reduce pain, soften depression, increase oxygen supply to the brain, and even positively influence our food choices. Let’s take a look.

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  • This is the Best Time to Drink Your Protein Shake

    You probably heard that it’s best to have your protein shake right after exercising. The truth is, you can take your protein booster any time of the day. Your body is smart enough and will be able to stock up on protein in order to then use it when necessary. There are, however, different benefits …

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  • Chocolate Spice Protein Spread

    Do you always wonder how to add more protein to your diet in an easy, fun and delicious way? Making a protein spread will do it for you.

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  • fresh blueberry protein muffin

    Fresh Blueberry Protein Breakfast Muffins

    Fresh blueberry muffins: your quick, healthy and tasty grab and go breakfast for weekday mornings.

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  • Plastic is toxic

    Plastic is not an option

    Life in plastic, it’s fantastic.. remember Aqua and their cult Barbie Girl song? Good times it was with pop culture on the rise, bursting in colours and tasting like the old, good M&Ms. Great it was indeed, but only until we realised that its whole querkiness was built on no real foundations rather than fast …

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  • Eat carbs for dinner to improve sleep and mental clarity

    Food is absolutely fantastic, it fuels our bodies, it feeds our souls, it is a way we express affection, yep it’s pretty damn cool that food. But when we dive in a little deeper things get even cooler….ready to go on a little journey into the world of sneaky nutrition? Good I thought so, let’s …

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  • Essential vitamins for brain health

    5 Essential Vitamins and Minerals to Keep your Brain Healthy

    We often think of vitamins and minerals as essential for maintaining optimal health, being energetic and avoiding wintery colds. But have you ever considered the role that vitamins and minerals play in the functioning and development of your brain? If you haven’t, now’s the time to. Degenerative diseases and longevity go hand in hand. As …

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  • plastic free packaging

    Sports Nutrition Industry: Time to Ditch the Plastic

    32% of all plastic packaging leaks into our oceans and ecosystems ((Source: The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the Future of PlasticsEllen MacArthur Foundation)). Motion cofounder Joe Welstead calls times up on single-use plastic as the de-facto packaging option in the health and sports nutrition industry. By the time you’ve read this article, 3 truckloads of …

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  • How not to harm your health when exercising

    Exercise is very good for you. We should all do it and we should do it regularly. We should aim to run faster, jump higher, get into that unendingly twisty yoga pose and as a result we will all live well fulfilled, happy lives until we are 100 years old. True? Well in part as …

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