• brain food

    Brain Food: 12 everyday foods for optimal brain health

    Your brain is your best friend. Establish basic brain food habits and your grey matter will thank you. Like the well-trained dog who will serve and play joyfully with you as long you feed him well, your brain depends on you to operate at full capacity. In the world of nutrition, things can very quickly …

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  • Nutrition for Unplugging

    Me and You, we all live in Motion. We jump when we are happy. We run to work every morning. And we have endless thoughts. We are all living active lifestyles. And taking care of ourselves in this busyness should be our utmost priority. Today we are excited to launch our brand-new Life in Motion interview series and begin by looking …

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  • nasturtium edible flower may eat the rainbow

    Eat the Rainbow in May: seasonal food for Optimal Health

    Does that look like a regular flower to you? Don’t be so sure. Behold Nasturtium: the flower blooming in May, that will end up on your plate. This innocent little plant is the culinary embodiment of Spring: bright, sweet, peppery and full of vigour. This May, collect a rainbow of colours on your plate for …

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  • nettle polyphenols rich food

    Plant Polyphenols: What to Eat in April for Optimal Health

    What to eat in April? Focus on Plant Polyphenols We often talk of antioxidants. Perhaps what we should be talking about is actually Polyphenols. These plant-based compounds, including phenolenic acids, flavonoids and resveratrol, have been the focus of hundreds of clinical studies for their many, many benefits on the human body and brain. Polyphenols will …

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  • Brain Food – Top tips on eating for a healthy brain

    Food is always a game changer in every healthy lifestyle regime. It is also the foundation of a healthy brain. And eventually the basis of your path to a longer life. This is your ultimate list of every-day staple brain food. 1. Brain Water Water is absolutely essential for healthy brain function. It is involved …

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  • are you ready to get (back) into it? Follow these willpower 5 tips to endorphin nirvana.

    5 Tips to Get Back Into Your Fitness Routine

     I have no other way of saying this: Willpower is just not going to cut it. Ah, willpower. I feel for him. Over-used and overrated. Picture this. It’s snowing outside. I feel warm and cosy sitting on my sofa. I dream of swapping my leggings and chunky turtle neck for my PJs. But I also …

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  • Why brain health should be your absolute priority

    Last week Joe took you through his mission to change the mind-set of the sports industry and inspire a shift from aesthetic and physical goals to holistic wellbeing and long-term brain health. In fact, this mission has much greater applications. Today we’re putting things in perspective. We are exploring the importance of brain health in …

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  • anti-ageing food to eat in march

    Anti-Ageing: What to Eat in March for Graceful, Healthy Ageing

    March. It may not feel like it right now, but spring is coming. When it comes to eating locally sourced, seasonal food, March could be the most interesting month of the year. You’ll find the tail-end of warming winter produce, and early signs of fresh spring goods. March is also the month when we will …

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  • sports nutrition improvement

    The Greatest Change in Sports Nutrition in Decades

    Joe Welstead, cofounder of Motion Nutrition, looks to the future of sports nutrition. Sports nutrition has evolved so much over the last decade. Just 4 years ago as an athlete preparing for Commonwealth Games, I found it incredibly frustrating that all supplements were full of cheap artificial ingredients. Clearly, these products were made with no …

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  • Vitamins and Minerals for Brain Health

    We often think of vitamins and minerals as essential for maintaining optimal health, being energetic and avoiding wintery colds. But have you ever considered the role that vitamins and minerals play in the functioning and development of your brain? If you haven’t, now’s the time to. Degenerative diseases and longevity go hand in hand. As …

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  • stevia

    The truth about stevia: wonder food or another artificial sweetener?

    Is stevia good or bad? What makes it so popular? How is stevia actually made? And why has the Soil Association refused to certify stevia or products that contain it as organic? Today, we’re unveiling the truth. What is Stevia? Stevia is currently having a hype moment. Both more and less ‘natural’ food producers increasingly …

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  • brain food february seasonal

    Brain Food: What to Eat in February for Optimal Health.

    Have you noticed? How January was all about getting in physical shape? That’s nice. But maybe it’s time we take care of our brain health just as much. Mens sana in corpore sano*, right? Lucky for us, February abounds with brain food perfectly in season right here in the UK. And with a couple tricks …

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