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  • Motion - Peanut Protein Donuts

    Mini Peanut Protein Donut Recipe

    If ever there was a time when it felt like the world needed a collective tray of warm donuts, this would be it. Get your Easter baking on with these mouth-watering, high protein treats from Motion in-house nutritional therapist Phoebe Liebling. Mini Peanut Protein Donuts: Nutritionist’s Recipe Makes 14-16 Ingredients: 1 medium ripe banana or …

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  • 7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Sleep Quality Tonight

    Ah sleep, what a flighty mistress you are….There is nothing better than that moment you fall into bed, your head hits the pillow and you are whisked away into a perfectly serene slumber. Truly and utterly divine. But hold on a moment. How often does that happen? Dysfunctional sleep patterns are possibly the most common …

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  • Chocolate Spice Protein Spread

    Do you always wonder how to add more protein to your diet in an easy, fun and delicious way? Making a protein spread will do it for you.

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  • Eat carbs for dinner to improve sleep and mental clarity

    Food is absolutely fantastic, it fuels our bodies, it feeds our souls, it is a way we express affection, yep it’s pretty damn cool that food. But when we dive in a little deeper things get even cooler….ready to go on a little journey into the world of sneaky nutrition? Good I thought so, let’s …

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  • How not to harm your health when exercising

    Exercise is very good for you. We should all do it and we should do it regularly. We should aim to run faster, jump higher, get into that unendingly twisty yoga pose and as a result we will all live well fulfilled, happy lives until we are 100 years old. True? Well in part as …

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